100 Cars That Changed History

tn_60-Lamborghini_Miura_Roadster_1968_seitlichLamborghini Miura Roadster 1968 seitlich” by Buch-tOwn work. Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons.


60. Lamborghini Miura 1966-1973 Italy

The Miura is a Lambo that truly deserves its designation as a car that changed automotive history. The sports car, produced by famed Italian automaker Lamborghini starting in 1966, is considered the genesis of the high performance, two-seater, mid-engine trend in sports car. The Miura was almost the Lambo that never was—it was developed by Lamborghini’s engineers in their spare time, against the wishes of company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini. Lamborghini preferred to produce grand tourers which had power but were more reserved than the racecar-based sports car their competitor Ferrari. The car received stellar reviews and praise on looks and performance, quickly becoming Lamborghini’s flagship car until 1974. Only 764 of these gorgeous cars were ever produced.
*Car of the Century Finalist


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