100 Cars That Changed History

tn_76-CNG_8646CNG 8646” by R30Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


76. Nissan Skyline 1957-present Japan

The Nissan Skyline is a line of compact cars, sports cars, and compact executive cars produced at first by the Prince Motor Company and then by the Nissan Motor Company after the two companies merged. The Skyline, and its larger sister, the Gloria, were only sold in Japan, yet their legend has circled the globe. The sharp-edged design evokes a Jaguar or high-end Volvo.Skylines are available in either coupé, or sedan body styles, plus station wagon, crossover, convertible and pickup/sedan delivery body styles. The most famed of all Skylines is probably the R32, itself an iteration of the Skyline GTR. The R32 was the first GT-R with all-wheel drive and the 2.6-liter turbo-6.The R32 is a legend in its own right, and a perfect example of the manufacturing that has given the world six generations of Skylines.


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