12 Fastest Pickup Trucks on the Road Today

Ford F-150Photo by AlBargan


1. Ford F-150

0-60 MPH time: 5.6 seconds

When Ford took the big risk of redesigning the most popular pickup truck of all time, the F-150, with an aluminum truck body and bed, not many consumers were extremely excited about the truck. Ford took its time to ensure they got the truck right, and the F-150 is one of the fastest pickup trucks on the road today. The truck can go from zero to 60 MPH in just 5.6 seconds with the overall weight of the vehicle being reduced by 700 lbs from previous generations of the auto. The 5.0 liter, eight cylinder engine of the truck is rated at 376 lb-ft of torque and 325 horsepower with a top overall speed of 107 MPH. The new F-150 also has an improved overall fuel efficiency with a rating of 17 MPG (city) and 23 MPG (highway).


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