100 Cars That Changed History

tn_66-Lot016Lot016” by AxelKing at the German language Wikipedia. Licensed under


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66. Lotus Seven 1957-1972 United Kingdom

The Lotus Seven was simple, small, light-weight, two-seater, open-top, roadster, sports car produced by British manufacturer Lotus Cars. Designed by the company’s founder, Colin Chapman, the Seven is considered the embodiment of Lotus philosophy: performance through light-weight and simplicity. The car was very popular, selling more than 2,500 models. The popularity was due to the fact that the car was both street legal and could also be used for clubman racing. In 1972, when Lotus ceased production of the Seven, Caterham purchased the rights to vehicle and continues to manufacture kit cars and fully assembled autos based on the original Seven. As a kit car, the Seven has become very popular. Despite the fact that it looks like a mud car, or a go-cart on steroids, the Seven cast a large shadow over the automotive racing industry.


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