The 25 Best Japanese Sports Cars Ever Made

Datsun Sports 1600cc / Fairlady / SPL311 (1965)Photo by SG2012


1. Datsun Sports ( Nissan Fairlady)

The Datsun Sports ( also known as the Nissan Fairlady in Japan), was a series of roadsters manufactured by Nissan in the 1960’s. The Sports was the predecessor the the Z-car that has grown to become popular today. Originally a competitor to MG, Triumph, Fiat, and Alfa Romeo sports cars, the Sports grew in popularity and spawned competition of its own. After its introduction Honda, Toyota, and Daihatsu entered their own sports cars into the ring, beginning the Japanese sports car craze. The first Sports model was the S211. It had a 988 cc straight-4 that produced 36 horsepower. Influenced by Corvette, the body was made entirely of fiberglass. Only 20 examples of the S211 were built, making it the rarest of all Datsun vehicles.


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