14 Things You Should Know About Driverless Cars

1st Avenue trafficPhoto by Oran Viriyincy


1. Driverless Cars Will Initially Make Congestion Worse

Proponents of removing humans from full control of automobiles make the argument that driverless cars will improve traffic and remove congestion from the roadways. Testing has shown that when less than half of the automobiles at an intersection are self-driving, congestion will actually get worse before it gets better. Taking into account a large variety of scenarios in simulations, it was determined that autonomously driven vehicles will create larger traffic backups than seen today while they are in the minority. Over time, as these vehicles gain larger market share, consumers will eventually enjoy similar benefits as riding the train with regards to a more comfortable drive, increased roadway capacity, and an overall improved commuting environment. It will just take time for the technology to penetrate the market to realize these goals.


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