Guy Tried to Cheat Insurance by “Drowning” His Bugatti Veyron


A couple of years ago, a viral video started circulating among the carophiles, in which this guy pushes his Bugatti Veyron straight into the lake. Video managed to get 7 million views, but nobody knew that the guy did it on purpose, in order to cheat the insurance company and get some money from them.

It crossed our minds that there should be some sort of punishment for people crushing such rare and excellent cars. And, really, justice was swift.

Andy Lee House from Lufkin, Texas eventually admitted to federal court that he destroyed the car intentionally. He apparently insured his Veyron (which he bought for $1 million) to $2.2 million. After a while he decided he needed money more than he needed this car, so he drove it into the bay in La Marque, Texas. He left the engine running so that salt water could get into the intake manifold and consequently engine. He first claimed that he was driving and reached for his cell phone, when he lost control over the car. He also claimed that a pelican distracted him. However, he was not aware that he was being recorded by another driver who was admiring his car. In the video you can see he is going directly into the lake and there was no a single pelican anywhere around.


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