100 Cars That Changed History

tn_90-Range_Rover_Sport_(9986536006)Range Rover Sport (9986536006)” by nakhon100Range Rover Sport. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


90. Rover Range Rover 1970–present United Kingdom

The Range Rover is a large luxury four-wheel drive sports utility vehicle produced by the British manufacturer Land Rover, a subsidiary of Jaguar Land Rover. Originally produced by the Rover Company, which had been experimenting with larger rover vehicles since the 1950’s, the prototype for the Range Rover debut in 1967. Three years later the Range Rover hit the streets. The first generation Range Rover was not so luxurious, it was a utilitarian design which stressed functionality over comfort. This kept the vehicle down market from competitors like the Jeep Wagoner. Its affordability and 4X4 versatility lead it to be a huge success. In Europe especially, the Range Rover redefined the all-terrain vehicle and sports utility vehicle markets. Later generations focuses on luxury, after the brand had already been well established. Land Rover then labeled first generation Range Rovers as Range Rover Classics, as a way of distinguishing it from its up market successors.


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