100 Cars That Changed History

49---1932_Ford_Model_18_160_De_Luxe_Fordor_Sedan_EYZ9761932 Ford Model 18 160 De Luxe Fordor Sedan EYZ976” by Lars-Göran Lindgren – Own work. Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons.


49. Ford V-8 1932-1934 United States

TheFord V-8 (Model 18 in 1932, Model 40 in 1933 & 1934) was produced by the Ford Motor Company for only a couple years. However, it was the first Ford fitted with Ford’s flathead V8 engine. The Ford V8 was a milestone in American automotive history, as it was the first low-priced, mass marketed car to come with a V8 engine. Ford’s flathead V8 engine would become an icon for the company. It originally packed 64hp, but power would increase as advancements on the design were made over the years. The Ford Model C would introduce a V8 that output 75hp. The original Ford V-8 was available in many body styles; as a two-door coupe, sedan, roadster, cabriolet, phaeton, and pickup, or four-door sedan.


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