100 Cars That Changed History

tn_34-1024px-1936_Cord_8101936 Cord 810” by JagvarOwn work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.


34. Cord 810/812 1936-1937 United States

The Cord 810 and 812 were produced by Cord Automobile, which was a division of the Auburn Automobile Company. The Cord 810 was the first American-designed and built front-wheel drive auto with independent front-end suspension. Known for its sleek design, crafted by designer Gordon M. Buehrig and his team, the Cord 810 featured a rear-hinged hood, as compared to the common side-opening hoods of the time. Under the hood was a 4,739 cc Lycoming V8 and a semi-automatic four-speed transmission. The 812 variation offered a supercharged version. The autos featured variable-speed windshield wipers at a time when wipers were not common. It was the first vehicle to feature hidden headlights. But its most distinguishing feature was its coffin-shaped nose, earning it the nickname “coffin-nose.”


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