10 Great Safety Features Found In Modern Cars

Volvo XC90 (2016)Photo by autowerk.luxurymotors


1. Forward Collision Warning with Auto-Braking

Forward collision warning with auto-braking systems are an amazing addition to the safety features found on cars today. The system uses cameras, lasers, and/or radar to detect vehicles ahead and alert the driver if they are closing in too fast. An audible alert or vibration in the steering wheel is used to get the driver’s attention. If the vehicle passes a certain threshold, the system will automatically apply the brakes in an effort to prevent a crash. The system helps not only to prevent a crash, but also lessen the impact of a crash that does happen, since the computer can register a hazard faster than a driver and apply the brakes quickly. The system is so useful that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety won’t give a vehicle its top safety rating without at least the forward collision warning.


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