14 Cars Which Disappointed Public Expectations

The New Car - Jaguar X-Type 3.0Photo by martymadrid


1. Jaguar X-type


The Jaguar X-Type was a significant disappointed to public expectations for the eight years that the automobile was in production. Although Jaguar solved the majority of the reliability issues with their other models of auto by this timeframe, the X-Type never overcame its reliability issues and was ultimately discontinued. Problems with the auto ranged from transmissions exploding, engines seizing, to driveshaft u-joints failing. Combined with being over-priced and under-built, the public’s expectations of the automobile quickly dropped when it came to this entry-level sports sedan. Jaguar also sold wagon version of the X-Type that was equally disappointing on release due to the same reliability issues that the sedan saw, and had significantly lower sales volume as a result.


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