11 Cars That Can Change Your Life

2013 Mazda MX-5 Miata


Mazda MX-5

This little sports car has been in production since 1989. The idea was to create an elegant-looking sports car, stylish, but affordable, that will resemble some of the legendary convertibles that most people usually can’t afford. The goal was also to build a quality car, easy to drive and maintain. Some of the 89 models still look great and function perfectly. Miata never goes out of style.

How can this car change one’s life? If the owner is a woman, she will probably see it as a classy accesory. If the owner is a young person, this will make him/her feel like he is a step closer to one of his dream sport cars (such as Ferrari, Porsche, etc..). But this goes further: after some time, most owners get attached to this car, not only because it feels good to drive, but also because of its quality.

If maintained properly, MX-5 will keep its value, and some day become a classic, which will increase its value. If you’ve always dreamed of a luxury sports car, but you can’t afford one, Miata will make you happy, and you will stay happy for a long, long time.


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