15 Car Designs That Changed The Industry

Car have existed for well over a century, and during all those years we have seen thousands of models come out from various makes. Most cars that are produced seem quite similar to what had been made before. There are just a few that can be called innovative.


Here’s a brief overview of the cars we included in the list:

• The first car ever designed.
• The car that initiated the use of assembly lines to mass-produce.
• The first car to have an electric starter.
• The first mass-production car that was fully enclosed.
• The first car with the V8.
• The first concept car.
• The world’s best selling car ever.
• The vehicle that revolutionized military transport during World War II then became very popular to civilians.
• The car whose layout would define front-engine and FWD cars.
• A race car’s layout that has lasted over fifty years.
• A car that was made for America’s youth with its sporty style.
• A super fast car with a bed.
• The rally car that proved the value of having AWD.
• The official family vehicle.
• The first mass-produced hybrid and cleanest car ever.

Curious yet? Here’s our pick of 15 car designs that changed the industry:
Benz Patent-MotorwagenPhoto by Chris Wevers

1. Benz’s Patent-Motorwagen – 1885

The world’s first car, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen was innovative for the obvious reason: being the first designed self-propelled car. Before this automobile was invented, people travelled on horse and buggy. This two-seater had single cylinder, four-stroke motor fitted in the rear of the car. It had three wire-spoke wheels and a tubular steel frame with wooden inserts. In order to prove the car was truly worth buying, Benz’s wife, Bertha, and their two children went on a 120 mile road trip. When they came back, she explained how she fixed any mechanical issues herself by using her garter and the pin in her hat. Too bad car problems are not still that easy to fix!


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