56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

Chrysler 1934 Airflow pic 1Photo by ucanvance


6. 1934 Chrysler/DeSoto Airflow

Truthfully the only reason that the Airflow is labeled as a “worst” car is that it was ahead of its time. The design of the Airflow is similar to cars that were developed in the 50’s. Aerodynamic body, steel subframe, 50-50 weight distribution, and light weight are all features of the Airflow. For whatever reason though, in the 30’s Americans did not get on board with the Airflow’s dramatically different design style. Some of the issue likely was derived from the major problems that plagued the Airflow. It’s never good when an engine falls out of a car. The radical construction techniques used to craft the Airflow had yet to be perfected. Chrysler and Desto tried to restyle later models, but there was no coming back from the bad taste already in the consumers mouths and sales never took off.


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