56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

1975 P601 SedanPhoto by cliff1066™


28. 1975 Trabant

Meaning “satellite” in German, the Trabant’s name was inspired by the Soviet Sputnik. The vehicle was produced in East Germany and is an example of a vehicle created by communism. The engine was outdated and inefficient, with only 26 horsepower, and the exhaust was incredibly smoky and full of pollutants. The Trabant produced nine times the hydrocarbons and five times the carbon monoxide emissions of the average European car of 2007. The two-stroke engine didn’t have an oil injection system, so oil needed to be added to the fuel tank. Speaking of fuel tanks, the lack of a fuel pump in the Trabant meant the fuel tank needed to be placed above the motor in the engine bay. This is so fuel could be gravity fed to the carburetor. The fuel tank being in that location increased the risk of fire in front end accidents.


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