56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

BMW X6Photo by Bekir Topuz


56. 2007 BMW X6

Called “The stupidest car in the world” by Top Gear the BMW X6 is an odd design choice for BMW. Dubbed a sports activity vehicle by BMW, the X6 is a mixture of SUV and sports sedan. Sadly the X6 doesn’t perform either of those functions well. Looks-wise the X6 succeeds, with a mixture of SUV stance and sports sedan styling, performance-wise it’s another story. The tall driving position gives the X6 too high a center of gravity to be able to navigate corners like a sports car, while the off-road capabilities of the X6 don’t compare to a standard SUV. Over the years the X6 has found its stride, becoming better with each revision, but the first run X6 was a less than impressive merging of two worlds.


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