56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

Bond BugPhoto by edsel


19. 1970 Bond Bug Three-Wheeler

The Bond Bug is the product of car designers being captivated by the idea of making cars with fiberglass. Since they didn’t have to deal with the expensive process of bending sheet metal, or be held down by the limitations of sheet metal, they could make a vehicle look however they wanted. The result was a vehicle that looked like the nose of a spaceship from a sci-fi movie on wheels. In order to save money, the manufacturer used only three wheels, because British tax law made it cheaper to license a vehicle with only three wheels. The Bond Bug came in only one color: neon orange, further adding to the bizarreness of the vehicle. If the goofy looks weren’t enough, the three wheel design made it easy for the Bond Bug to roll over, making it an ugly car that was also unsafe.


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