56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

Aston Martin Lagonda (1976)-4Photo by Revistadelmotor


30. 1976 Aston Martin Lagonda

Designed by William Towns the Aston Martin Lagonda was described as an extreme interpretation of the classic 1970’s “folded paper” style. When it came out and to this day the Lagonda is considered an oddly designed car. The interior was awash in leather and the electronic instrumentation was state of the art for its time. The problem is the electronics failed constantly. The Lagonda was outfitted with digital LED dashboards and touch pad controls, that were great when they worked, but for the most part they didn’t. Mechanical failure was a common problem with the Lagonda as well, with the engine needing constant repairs. On paper the Lagonda was a great idea, but the technology wasn’t fully fleshed out at the time. Unless you had a background in electronics and auto mechanics, you would have a hard time keeping the Lagonda on the road.


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