56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

1961 Chevrolet CorvairPhoto by DVS1mn


16. 1961 Corvair

One of the main reasons the Corvair was such a terrible car was due to Chevrolet neglecting to put a decent rear suspension in the vehicle. Due to the power of the rear engine 6 cylinder the Corvair was packing, it was very easy to spin out. This is a common issue with rear engine vehicles, and the best way to counter it is with a good suspension to make the issue manageable.  On top of being hard to control, the Corvair was prone to oil leaks and there were claims that the single-piece steering column could impale the driver in a frontal crash. The heating system had a tendency to pump fumes into the car as well, due to a gasoline-burner heater located in the front “trunk.”


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