56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

Tony's 318tiPhoto by njtrippe


47. 1995 BMW 318ti

Introduced in 1995 the BMW 318ti was a three-door hatchback targeted at customers who couldn’t afford the more expensive 3-series. BMW tried to get away with making an incredibly cheap car, and assumed that people would but it just because it had a BMW badge on it. Consumers saw through this marketing ploy, as the car looked cheap inside and out. It looked like an E36 3-series that had the rear end chopped off and replaced with a hatchback. The only engine was a weak 1.8 liter 138 horsepower four-cylinder that took more than nine seconds to reach 60 mph. The interior was covered in mostly tacky plastic and the seats were uncomfortable even on short drives. Sales where dismal as they should have been for this pile of junk.


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