56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

1983 Cimarron shotPhoto by ucanvance


38. 1982 Cadillac Cimarron

In an effort to get into the luxury compact market during the 80’s, Cadillac rushed production of the Cimarron. They took a GM small car platform and covered it in glitz. Leather upholstery, air conditioning, alloy wheels, intermittent wipers, and anything else that they could cram into the car were added. Customers saw right through Cadillacs ploy and immediately recognized the car for what it was: a Chevrolet Cavalier covered in glitz and glam. The engine was the same little four-cylinder found in the Buick Skyhawk and the Oldsmobile Firenza. Cadillac tried to keep the Cimarron alive, even adding in a V-6 option in 1985, but consumers never took the bait. In 1988 the Cimarron was discontinued. The Cimarron was such a colossal failure that Cadillac product director John Howell kept a picture of it in his office with the caption “Lest we forget” written on it.


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