56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

1975 Bricklin SV-1Photo by Chad Horwedel


27. 1975 Bricklin SV1

The Bricklin SV1 was the creation of Malcolm Bricklin, a millionaire who had previously founded Subaru of America. The designer of the Bricklin was Herb Grasse. The plan for the Bricklin SV-1 was to make a safe and economical sports car; the SV stood for “Safety Vehicle.” Unfortunately due to the weight of all the added safety features, the Bricklin was just a safe sports car. The roll cage, motorized gull-wing doors, and 5 mph bumpers proved too heavy for the V-8 engine to handle. Bricklin tried to bond fiberglass to acrylic plastic, which had yet to be perfected at the time, resulting in higher failure rates and production costs. The radiator was small and had only a single opening, causing many Bricklins to overheat.


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