56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

2002-2005 BMW 735Li (E66)Photo by Aero7MY


54. 2002 BMW 7-Series

The 7-Series was and still is an awesome car. Fast, comfortable, great suspension and handling, and the standard great German engineering. What makes the 2002 7-Series one of the worst cars is the iDrive system. First introduced in 2002, the iDrive system was a goofy joystick/dial in the center console that controlled practically everything electronic in the car. Climate control, audio controls, navigation, interior lighting, the sound of the door chime, if there was a way to adjust something electronic in the car, the iDrive did it. The problem was the iDrive was a nightmare to control. Trying to navigate sub-menu after sub-menu to get to where you wanted to go was so aggravating there was a chance you would just give up and accept the car the way it was. Over the years BMW has made changes to the system to make it more user friendly, but the initially released system made the 7-Series a terrible car.


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