56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

iron-dukePhoto by www.forocoches.com


39. 1982 Camaro Iron Duke

The Camaro is a car known for having a big powerful motor and the potential for speed. The 1982 Camaro Iron Duke was the exact opposite of this. The engine was a 2.5 liter, four-cylinder that had a underwhelming 50 horsepower. The Iron Duke was the smallest, weakest, most un-Camaro engine ever placed under the hood of a Camaro. To make matters worse, the Iron Duke was mated to a three-speed pile of garbage transmission. With a zero to sixty time of over 20 seconds, the Iron Duke went nowhere fast. It’s pretty embarrassing when you’re sitting behind the wheel of a Camaro and a grandmother in a station wagon blows past you like you’re standing still.


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