56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

354 Subaru SVX (Alcyone) (1997)Photo by robertknight16


46. 1991 Subaru SVX

Subaru is not known for making bad cars, if anything they are lauded as one of the better car makers on the planet, but the SVX is a definite misstep on their part. The SVX stands as a monument to misguided styling, with odd panel breaks and complex windows that defined the car – and killed it in the showroom. The windows were a two-part design, with fixed outer sections that had sliding panes set within them. They might have made sense to the stylist who came up with them, but to everyone else, the windows seemed ridiculous. Like the fashion of wearing clothes backwards during the mercifully brief reign of the hip hop duo Kris Kross, the SVX’s radical window design died a quick death: The car was taken off the market in 1995, just four years after it was introduced.


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