56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

Ferrari Mondial 8 1980 #1Photo by Smallmind


35. 1980 Ferrari Mondial 8

Ferrari isn’t a company you would expect to have a car on this list, but even the italian supercar company made some mistakes. The Mondial was based on the 308 chassis and was big, heavy, and weak for a Ferrari. The mid-engine V-8 only had an output of 214 horsepower. The electronics had a habit of failing and the smell of burning wires wasn’t uncommon. The engine itself had its fair share of problems as well. Some of the blame for the Mondials shortcomings can be blamed on the decision to make a more affordable Ferrari, leading to a cheap vehicle. Seems like anytime a high end sports car company tries to make a low cost sports car they end up with something like the Mondial.


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