15 Best Cars for Teenagers

2015 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF RPhoto by Automotive Rhythms


1. 2015 Volkswagen Golf

Starting price: $18,815

The 2015 Volkswagen Golf is one of the best cars for teenagers on the market. The car is one of the most affordable compact autos on the market today and is available in both two and four-door options for consumers. Even though the Golf is small in size, the large amount of cargo space (46 cubic feet) makes it perfect for teens that have to haul around sports gear and other necessities for high school or college. The Golf also gets extremely nice gas mileage. The V-4 1.8 liter stock engine that is rated at 170 horsepower, gets above average fuel economy with a 23 MPG (city) and 37 MPG (highway) overall rating. If parents upgrade their teens to the TDI model of the Golf, they will see an even bigger savings at the pump out of the 2.0 liter turbo-diesel with a 45 MPG (highway) fuel efficiency rating. The top overall speed of the Golf is 123 MPH.


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