56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

Amc Pacer Bvoe Big 78Photo by Brazilian Guy Pacer


33. 1978 AMC Pacer

It may have been the car Wayne and Garth drove in Wayne’s World, but the AMC Pacer was far from a good car. Even with the icon status the Pacer has achieved due to those films, it is still regarded as one of the ugliest cars of all time, as made evident by a poll done by Hagerty Insurance. The large, bulbous windshield acted like a magnifying glass and rapidly heated up the car’s interior and not even the A/C system could save you; that is, when the A/C actually worked. The Pacer had asymmetric doors – the right was longer than the left, so passengers could climb into the back more easily. But the oddball design feature had unexpected consequences. When the Pacer was converted into a station wagon, items stored in the back fell out when the right door was opened.


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