56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

1971 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron hardtop sedanPhoto by sv1ambo


22. 1971 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Two-Door Hardtop

The Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Two-Door Hardtop was a ugly as it was unreliable. The exterior was boxy and plain, with some of the longest fenders in automotive history. The LeBaron Two-Door handled like you would expect a 19 foot road boat to handle, poorly. Steering was very floaty, adding to the turn radius of the over-sized vehicle. The suspension did an admirable job of absorbing road feel, resulting in a comfortable ride at least. It was powered by Chrysler 440 V-8 engine, which had a history of problems ranging from leaks to engine failure. For a vehicle with a 350 horsepower engine, the LeBaron was rather slow; taking 10 seconds to reach 60 mph.


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