56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

Yugo GV - 1985Photo by Domingos Avelar


43. 1985 Yugo GV

Imported by Malcolm Bricklin, the same guy who designed the Bricklin SV1, the Yugo GV was a terrible car. Built in Soviet-bloc Yugoslavia, the Yugo GV seemed like it was thrown together quickly so the assembler could go somewhere else, perhaps to assemble a better car. The engine was weak, resulting in poor acceleration and a low top speed. The engine also routinely failed, due to the timing belt snapping. The electrical system was known to have shorts, resulting is that wonderful burning wires smell filling the cabin and sometimes pieces of the car would just fall off. There’s some people who claim that rigorous maintenance of the Yugo will keep it running with no problems, but a pile of junk that you need to constantly maintain is still a pile of junk.


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