56 of the Worst Cars of All Time

07-31-08 1543 [1 ]Photo by relbmar16


44. 1989 Eagle Premier

There was nothing redeeming about the Eagle Premier. There was no style to the exterior design, with generic body lines and boxy edges. The engine was a 2.5 liter AMC four-cylinder that produced an underwhelming 111 horsepower. The interior was plain and without frills, even though the car was marketed as a luxury vehicle. Everything about the Premier was underwhelming, it was as though the designers didn’t even try to make a car that consumers would want. This car looks like the generic silhouette of a vehicle in which you would spot only on a 25-year old poster that has been hanging in tired DMV, generic and apathetic in nature, faded and defeated from years of exposure to fluorescent lighting and the restless complaints of impatient souls.


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