6 Car Interior Details We Hate

For most people, car interior is not a thing that should greatly affect their buying choices, but many car owners eventually realize that they should have paid more attention to some of the car interior details. It happens to all of us. Then we promise ourselves that next time we will be wiser. And later, when it’s time to buy a new car, we are either too excited or too frustrated, and so we often forget about our past mistakes. Speaking of mistakes, these are the interior details we hate the most:


1. Shiny Black Plastic


Dozens of manufacturers keep making this mistake again and again. They try to make it look nice and it always ends up looking cheap and cheesy. Mercedes tried it this year in a couple of models (C-Class and CLA-Class) and they failed in both cases. C-Class has the complete center dashboard made of this stuff, while CLA has it on the upper part of the central console. We can only imagine what it will look like in a couple of years if it looks like this now.


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