The 12 Most Manly Off-Road Vehicles You Can Buy

If you are thinking of driving on a muddy surface, sandy ground or snow filled surface, and then you know better that a manly of the road vehicle is all you need. There so many vehicles to choose from for such a daring ride and getting the right one is all that matter. You want a car that delivers regarding efficiency, speed, durability and resistance to obstacles. The following 14 manly off – road vehicles have features that define the latest technology, innovation and effectiveness.


2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee - First DrivePhoto by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association

1. Jeep Grand Cherokee

2015 Grand Jeep Cherokee continues to top the list as one of most unparalleled manly off -road vehicles so far. With a well-trimmed cabin for five, this Cherokee is designed to resist the most rugged terrains. The power of this jeep comes from the durable and efficient lineup of its power train. With a V6 diesel engine, the Jeep is a good choice for driving through rugged terrains. The 2015 jeep that has been redesigned differs from the 2014 version following an upgrade of the interior and exterior features like active noise cancellation and o horsepower to 475. With a 470 pound of torque and includes options for four-wheel drive or low range gearing to depending on your preferences for the terrain. Although 2015 Cherokee has not been fully redesigned since 2011, the car comes with anti-lock brakes, cruise control and an ABS drive-line traction control.


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