10 Features Every Car Should Have

Pricing Announced for All-New 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S: New Sports Car to Start at $129,900Photo by Automotive Rhythms


1. Keyless Start System

How many times have you had your arms full of stuff you just purchased at a store and as you approach your car you realize your keys are in your pocket? It happens to us all and it’s a hassle to try and dig the keys out of your pocket, juggling your items or having to put something down, or in winter months take off your gloves, just to get to the keys. With the keyless start systems that are becoming more and more common in cars that problem is a thing of the past. Upon approaching the car with the key in your pocket or purse and pulling the door handle the car will automatically unlock the door allowing you to do what you need to do without holding the keys in your hand. Starting the car works the same way, sit in the seat and press a button on the dash and the car will automatically start as long as you depress the brake pedal. A simple convenience that goes a long way.


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