12 Tips to Survive Driving in Alaska

Incoming WeatherPhoto by Snowshoe Photography – Alaska


1. Always be Prepared for Weather

The number one rule when driving in Alaska is to always be prepared for unexpected turns in the weather. Whether you are driving in Alaska for the first time, or you have been living in the state for a while, nothing beats proper preparation whether driving around town or in between the cities. The state government recommends that drivers always keep an emergency car kit handy to include the following items at a minimum: batteries, flashlight, extra clothes, jumper cables, blankets, sleeping bags, a small shovel, a knife, extra fuel for the car or truck, water, and non-perishable foot. If you get stuck in an ‘out-of-the-way’ location, then these items along with a first aid kit have proven to be essential for survival in the Alaska climate.


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