10 Cars You Should Avoid Buying

Scion IQ

Photo: M93



This car is not that bad, if you are looking to buy a vehicle that’s easy to park and drive aroud the city. However, you have to consider several things, first of which is safety. Yes, the car has enough airbags, but “safety” is not just about airbags. There are things like stability, weight, sturdiness. This little thing is fragile! It is not good enough for highway and long rides in general. Acceleration is bad, so passing other cars will only cause unnecessary stress. And it is noisy, especially while trying to accelerate. The interior has way too much plastic, although it’s not as bad as in some other cars. Scion IQ is only a good choice if you plan to drive it around the city. Otherwise, you can buy a better and sturdier car for the same money.


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