10 Great Car Films

Death Race (2008)Photo by CCY0927


10. Death Race (2008)

In an alternate future, the U.S. economy collapses, causing unemployment to skyrocket, and crime to rise. This leads to more prisoners in the system, and privatized prisons for profit. One prison has a pay-per-view broadcast of a gladiator style game called “Death Race” where prisoners in Mad Max looking cars drive around a racetrack trying to murder one another and come in first. Should a racer win 5 races, he will be granted freedom. Jason Statham is framed for his wife’s murder and ends up in this prison, where he is given the chance to take on the persona of a popular racer who seemingly died in the last race. The racer had won 4 races already, so all he needs to do is win one more. The story is dumb, the acting nonexistent, but the action and spectacle of it all more than makes up for the film’s flaws. A great popcorn film if ever there was one.


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