15 Most Popular Monster Trucks

Grave DiggerPhoto by sellers8847


1. Grave Digger

Year created: 1981

Grave Digger is one of the most popular monster trucks of all time. The truck was originally conceived in 1981, and the lead driver and creator of the auto, Dennis Anderson, actually keeps several machines running to allow the truck to compete in multiple events at the same time. Anderson was also one of the early pioneers in Monster Truck competitions in the United States making the current schedule of competitions possible for other professional truck drivers. Anderson would go on to sell the Grave Digger team to USA Motor Sports in 1998, and still drives for the company to this day. To date, there have been 32 trucks with the Grave Digger title, and the current auto is powered by a 555 cubic inch Merlin engine rated at approximately 1700 horsepower.


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