15 Cars That Get 35 Miles per Gallon

2015 BMW 3 SeriesPhoto by xaina.sweet


1. 2015 BMW 328d xDrive

Staring price: $39,500

Miles per gallon: 35 (combined)

The 2015 BMW 328d is one of the best cars that get 35 miles per gallon on the market today. The car is available for purchase by consumers as either a compact sedan or a wagon. It is powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged diesel engine, and BMW sells the car with an eight-speed automatic as the standard transmission. The company has poured a fair amount of research and development into the new transmission that has helped improve the auto’s fuel efficiency to a 31 MPG (city) and 43 MPG (highway) overall rating making it one of the best sedans on the market today when it comes to overall performance combined with great fuel economy.


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