10 Sweet Classic Cars

1909 Ford Model T Touring CarPhoto by The Henry Ford


1. 1908 Ford Model T

You can’t have a list of classic cars without giving a spot to the one that started it all. The Ford Model T (also known as Tin Lizzie) is regarded as the first affordable automobile. The Ford Motor Company’s efficient fabrication and use of assembly line production drastically reduced production costs, which allowed the Model T to be sold for less. Prior to this cars were seen as a luxury and out of reach for the common man. The original Model T had a 2.9 liter four-cylinder engine that produced 20 horsepower, with a top speed of 40 to 45 mph; plenty fast for it’s time. It may not seem like much nowadays, but if it wasn’t for the Model T, we wouldn’t have all the shiny toys we love to drive today.


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