9 Cars That Are Closest To F1

Lexus LFAPhoto by miky_magawolaz


1. Lexus LFA

LFA – Lexus’ ultra-high-performance, limited-production super car – hit the streets in 2010. One of the most expensive Japanese vehicles ever produced, it had a starting price of $375,000. In total, only 500 examples of the uber-Lexus were produced. The car featured a 4.8-liter V-10 engine. The ten-cylinder power plant was produced by Toyota Motorsports – the same company that develops the company’s Formula 1 racing engines. Like an F1 engine, the LFA’s V-10 used port-type fuel injection, rather than direct injection like most contemporary high-performance road car engines. The LFA’s stratospheric 9,500 rpm redline strongly evoked Formula 1’s high-revving race machines.


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