The 25 Best Off Road Cars

2016 Lexus LX Facelift, Specs, Price


18. 2017 Lexus LX
Starting price: $89,880

The 2017 Lexus LX is one of the best off road cars on the road. The starting price of the vehicle is a bit high, but consumers who buy the LX are demanding a luxury auto that is very capable driving on terrain not for the faint of heart. The auto is powered by a V-8 engine rated at 403 lb-ft of torque and 383 horsepower. The auto is very capable when it comes to towing as well with a max tow capacity of 7,000 lbs. The vehicle has a top overall speed of 133 MPH, and it can go from zero to 60 MPH in just 6.5 seconds. The gas mileage rating of the LX is below average; however, with a 12 MPG (city) and 17 MPG (highway) overall rating.


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