10 Best Selling American Cars of All Time

2010 Ford Taurus SHO (4 of 14)Photo by myoldpostcards


10. Ford Taurus

Entering production in 1986, the Ford Taurus was the first front wheel drive vehicle produced by Ford. An instant favorite among car buyers, the Taurus became the number one selling car in America between 1992 and 1996, eventually losing the title to the Toyota Camry. The popularity of the Taurus prompted Ford to offer a more powerful “SHO” model to appeal to the muscle car crowd. The Taurus’ aerodynamic shape allowed for better gas mileage, which appeased the stringent corporate average fuel economy (CARE) standard applied by the United States government, and gave the vehicle more appeal with consumers at the time. The Taurus was removed from production in 2006 by Ford, only to be brought back a year later due to consumer demand. Currently in its sixth generation, the Taurus continues to be a strong seller with over 7.8 million units sold since its initial release.


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