The 25 Best Japanese Sports Cars Ever Made

S500 @ Honda Collection HallPhoto by VJ Photography (


2. Honda S500/S600/S800

The Honda S500, S600, and S800 was a series of roadsters built by Honda. Meant to compete with the Datsun Sports line, the vehicles were quite stunning. The S500 used a high-tech engine developed from Honda’s expertise with motorcycles. It used a dual overhead cam straight-4 with four carburettors producing 44 horsepower. Due to the low weight, the S500 was able to hit 80 mph easily. Only 1,363 S500s were produced. The follow-up vehicle, the S600, was the first mass marketed Honda car. It was also the first Honda car to be offered in two trim levels: roadster and fastback coupe. The S600 was equipped with a slightly larger engine, producing 57 horsepower and having a top speed of 90 mph.


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