15 Most Popular Monster Trucks

BigfootPhoto by Frank Peters


2. Bigfoot

Year created: 1975

Bigfoot is known as the original Monster Truck, and it was created in 1975 and introduced to the public in 1979. The truck is both owned and operated by Bob Chandler. The truck has the distinction of being the inspiration for the term “Monster Truck” that was coined by Truck-a-Rama promoter Bob George. Bigfoot is the first truck to be used in promotions for driving over junk cars in the first even car crushes, and would go on to see a number of different versions of the truck over the years. To date, there have been 21 Bigfoot trucks driven in competitions, and similar to the Undertaker, the trucks can be entered in more than one competition at a time. The company has established strong relationships with Summit Racing, ViCor, and Firestone as well as Microsoft.


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