15 Most Popular Monster Trucks

Towasaurus WrexPhoto by nutty bunny


8. Towasaurus Wrex

Year created: 1988

Towasaurus Wrex has the distinction of being the first Monster Truck on the circuit to be based on a tow truck vice traditional pick-up. The auto is based on a 1946 Chevy Tow Truck and first debuted for the public in 1988. Over time, the truck owner and driver, Jeff Bursey, has decreased the frequency that he drives the truck in competition to the point that fans can still expect to see him compete, just not as often as in the past. Since the truck first debuted, it was joined by Hammer Time and the alter egos of Towasaurus: Tow Mater and Jethro Tow. The truck is powered by a 428 cubic inch Chevy engine and is one of the most popular Monster Trucks on the circuit today.


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