15 Most Popular Monster Trucks

DSC0827Photo by Mypoorbrain


3. Maximum Destruction

Year created: 2003

Maximum Destruction was hit the Monster Truck circuit in 2003 and is one of the most successful and popular Monster Trucks in the world. The truck was previously known as “Goldberg” due to a marketing agreement with Clear Channel (now Field Entertainment) and the WCW (World Championship Wrestling) to create Monster Trucks based on popular wrestlers. By 2001, the WCW had been bought out, and the team renamed the truck for the 2003 racing season to Maximum Destruction. The truck is often introduced on equal billing to Grave Digger, and there are currently three of the trucks that tour at once. The truck also provided the inspiration for the first aerial backflip of a Monster Truck, and has since landed a complete backflip. The truck continues to be a consistent competitor for the World Championships every year and remains one of the most popular trucks on the circuit.


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