15 Most Popular Monster Trucks

2006 smart forfun2 ConceptPhoto by Eddie Phạm


11. Smart ForFun2 Car Monster Truck

Year created: 2006

The Smart ForFun2 Car Monster Truck was the second attempt at converting one of the highly popular European Smart cars into a Monster Truck. The more successful conversion of the car into a Monster Truck was accomplished by Greek 4×4 champion Steffan Attart and Mercedes Benz Greece. The truck is fully made to specifications, and it has a ground clearance of two feet. The truck is constructed between the shell of a Smart ForTwo automobile along with the four-wheel drive of a Mercedes Unimog 406. The auto stands at 12 feet tall, and it is not made to compete in Monster Truck competitions. The truck is powered by the OM 352 six-cylinder diesel engine that is 5,675 cc in size and rated at a total of 84 horsepower which is more than sufficient for the ForFun2 as a demonstration truck.


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