15 Most Popular Monster Trucks

Cyborg (truck )Photo by James Jesus PT


9. Cyborg

Year created: Early 1990s

The Cyborg Monster Truck first debuted in the early 1990s and is one of the most popular Monster Trucks on the circuit today. The truck is unique in the aspect that it is the only two-wheeled drive truck on the competitive circuit. The front two wheels on the truck are not powered, and it has an independent front suspension. Although this makes for a big disadvantage when driving over obstacles, the truck has been one of the best performing trucks on the USHRA Monster Jam series, and it has also been recognized as one of the most innovative creations in the Monster Truck world. The truck is owned and operated by Jack Koberna, and he also owns a four-wheel drive Monster Truck known as Tuff-E-Nuff on occasion. Cyborg is powered by a 496 Big Block Chevy engine and continues to be updated and compete today.


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